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Manchester United Scholarship Program – APPLY NOW

TO APPLY , CL1CK THE 1MAGGE DOWN FIRST TO UNL0CK ADMISSION Manchester United board has decided to to offer young Africans and players opportunity to study and work abroad. Before reading this news. Endeavor to check our tips on applying for US and UK Visa. Click here The purpose of the ...

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15 Affordable Nursing Schools in USA and Their Tuition Fees

Study Nursing in USA International students in the USA looking for a rewarding and stable career might want to look into studying a nursing degree. With the many paths and specialities, there are countless opportunities for nursing students. If you wish for a career operating closely with people in a place where you’ll make a notable difference, a degree ...

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How do I begin if I want to study in America?

There are four basic steps you must complete in order to study at a university in the United States. How do I begin the process of studying in the United States? Answer:   As a prospective international student, there are four basic steps you must complete in order to study at ...

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Which visa do you need to stay in the UK after university?

To retain the benefits of an international student body, including the economic contribution, it is important that students, universities and employers are all aware of the routes through which individuals can remain in the UK after their studies have concluded. The Tier 4 visa is intended for the purpose of studying in ...

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Applying For UK Visa – All You Need To Know

There are many UK visa types, and they all have different requirements and processes. For this reason, navigating the ins and outs may be overwhelming and confusing. Before relocating, make sure you know the differences between temporary and permanent residence permits, work permit visas, skilled worker visas, and self-employment visas. ...

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Soccer Scholarships in USA 2020-2021 | APPLY NOW

Do you have a passion for Soccer and you’re considering a scholarship? Some successful professional footballers attended through football scholarships from American Universities, for example, Carlos Bocanegra, Maurice Edu & Clint Dempsey who have all gone on to represent the USA at the international stage. Firstpoint College Soccer Scholarships in the US ...

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